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We provide a site 'desk study' enquiry service for species, habitats and sites data for ecological consultants, developers, countryside managers and all other users. Please fill in our form to request data but first read our charging policy for information on options, charges and fee exemptions. Our enquiry process guide to filling in the form will help progress your data search quickly.

CBDC Data Request Form

Current Version March 2014   Download file [Word]

Completed forms should be emailed to info@cbdc.org.uk.

Data is provided on the understanding that:

presence in a search does not imply breeding status or that a species or habitat still exists at a given site;

absence from a search does not necessarily mean that a species or habitat isn’t found in a given search area, it may just be unrecorded.

CBDC does all that it can to validate and confirm records submitted (see our validation and verification procedures) but it cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is provided. Data search results will usually need interpretation by an ecologist and be used to direct and supplement further survey work.

Further contextual information on Cumbria's biodiversity can be found in the free online resources we provide in the Cumbria Biodiversity Evidence Base.

Not sure if your site is in Cumbria? Check what LRC to submit your data request to by zooming in on the Find an LRC map.

Species Search

A standard species data search will include all post 1980 records of statutorily protected species, Nerc Act (2008) S41 species of principal importance (also known as BAP priority species), rare and scarce species and a selection of invasive non-native species for a buffer of up to 2 km from a site centroid. Records are provided as a spreadsheet to allow filtering by designation and taxon group.

If your needs are not covered by our standard report - for example if you require all species records, or just particular taxon groups, or all historical records - then please specify your requirements on the form. 

View more information on the species data we hold.

 Sites Search

A standard sites data search is for non-statutory sites plus statutory Limestone Pavement Orders for up to a 5km radius of a site centroid. Results are provided as a labelled PDF map of site boundaries. Individual site designation citations for County (Local) Wildlife Sites, Local Geological Sites (RIGs) and Sites of Invertebrate Significance may then be requested for a further charge.

Statutory site boundaries and citations are available from Natural England. A labelled PDF map of statutory sites can be provided for a further charge.

View more information on the sites data we hold.

Habitats Search

UK Priority Habitat boundaries are available from Natural England. A PDF map of nearby priority habitats can be provided for a further charge.

Although old, the 1980s Phase 1 habitat survey of Cumbria is the only comprehensive coverage habitat data available for the whole county. A PDF map for your site can be provided for a further charge.

View more information on the habitats data we hold.

Example Report

Coming soon: an example of a standard search to see the format of our reports.