Meet the Team

Rebecca Slack

Centre Manager
07810 322127

Rebecca joined CBDC in 2023. Having initially trained as a plant ecologist, Rebecca then pursued a PhD in environmental management, working in solid waste and water quality research at a number of leading UK universities. More recently, Rebecca retrained as a horticulturist with the Royal Horticultural Society before working with the plant collection and garden charity, PlantNetwork.

Contact Rebecca with your general enquiries regarding CBDC including potential collaborations, training, events, engagement or new project ideas.


Dr Moustafa Eweda

GIS and Data Manager

Moustafa joined CBDC in 2011; his working experience demonstrates technical abilities for handling complex datasets and using statistical, modelling and mapping techniques; in creating and maintaining habitat layers, analysing habitat connectivity and assessing the influence of geographical phenomena on habitat fragmentation and species distribution. Moustafa’s main interest is to improve access to wildlife data by designing databases, mapping records, creating atlas maps and developing web applications for enhancing conservation practices and decision making. At CBDC Moustafa’s top priorities are to manage and map spatial data, his job has offered him opportunities to lead on various GIS projects at local and regional levels. Moustafa is Fellow member of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS) and the British Cartographic Society (FBCartS).

Stuart Colgate

Records Centre Officer

Stuart joined the CBDC in July 2017. For 17 years prior to this post he was an ecologist undertaking surveys and delivering training. This superseded 10 years as a lecturer in a number of colleges, universities, adult education services and charitable organisations. He has a degree in physiology, an MSc in ecological management and monitoring.

Annwen Philipson

Recording Support Officer

Annwen joined CBDC in October 2021 to assist the Recording Officer to input and validate all the data received from biological recorders in and around Cumbria.

Marjorie Hunt

Data Support Officer

Marjorie joined CBDC in January 2016 as a volunteer working on mapping the Phase 1 Habitat. She has been our part-time administration assistant since October 2021 bringing with her numerous years of office experience; the last 20 years working at Cumbria County Council. Marjorie is helping to organise the office and bring our filing systems up to date.

Beth Lightburn

County Wildlife Sites Field Officer

I’m the County Wildlife Sites Field Officer – my role at CBDC is working alongside Lee and our partners to carry out surveys of our wonderful CWS here in Cumbria. I visit the sites, collecting habitat and species data, and collating them to update the citations and database.

Prior to this role, I carried out habitat surveys, particularly in the uplands of northern England, and worked on the Tees-Swale programme, engaging people with the unique habitats, geology and species in Teesdale.

There’s not much I love more than botany and my fantastic home county of Cumbria – it’s people and beautiful diversity of habitats. It feels a privilege to be involved in this project.

Lee Bassett

County Wildlife Sites Field Officer

I started my new position with CBDC in May 2024 and at the time of writing this I’ve been with CBDC for almost exactly one month. It’s been a great first month, filled with meeting new colleagues and getting to grips with the survey methodology used as part of the County Wildlife Sites project. Collecting data and conducting surveys in the field is at the heart of this position, which suits me very well as I’m happiest when out surveying an ancient woodland, calcareous grassland or blanket bog (and every habitat in between of course!). I’m looking forward to getting the opportunity to visit many County Wildlife Sites throughout our wonderfully varied county during the delivery of this project, so perhaps I’ll see you out and about in the wild parts of Cumbria!

Interested in working with us?

Find out how we can help you or your business via our Data Services section. If you’re interested in joining us, please head over to the Volunteering section to see how you can get involved. We’re always looking to collaborate with people who are as enthusiastic about wildlife as we are.

Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre

The Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre at Tullie House Museum, Carlisle keeps wildlife information for the county of Cumbria. Tullie House Museum, in its role as a local natural history museum, has collected and disseminated records of wildlife in Cumbria since its inception in 1893. From the early 1990s the Museum has developed a computerised database of species and habitat records in Cumbria and has taken the central role in providing a local biodiversity data service for the county. This role was restyled as Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre (CBDC) in 2010, a not-for-profit organisation hosted by Tullie House Museum and advised by local stakeholders.
Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre
Cumbria Biodiversity Data CentreThursday, June 13th, 2024 at 2:15am
Two weeks till the inaugural Cumbria Wild Watch.

Get involved to help us build a biodiversity snap-shot of Cumbria.

It is so easy to do and you will be helping inform biodiversity decision making across this glorious county....

Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre
Cumbria Biodiversity Data CentreWednesday, June 12th, 2024 at 6:30am
Cumbria Connect are organising a series of workshops to gauge views and opinions on the local landscape. For dates and venues, see:
Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre
Cumbria Biodiversity Data CentreWednesday, June 5th, 2024 at 10:00pm
Join us at 4:30pm today to find out more about Cumbria Wild Watch with a free webinar about wildlife recording...

Register for the webinar:

#CumbriaWildWatch #Cumbria
Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre
Cumbria Biodiversity Data CentreMonday, June 3rd, 2024 at 12:00am
Here at CBDC, we're not just interested in biodiversity data but also collate information about Cumbria's geodiversity. We work closely with #CumbriaGeoConservation who regularly review sites across this geologically diverse county. This short film explains more about what geodiversity is:
Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre
Cumbria Biodiversity Data CentreThursday, May 30th, 2024 at 4:30am
Join us at this time next week for a webinar about the forthcoming Cumbria Wild Watch weekend. Find out more about wildlife recording and how you can contribute to establishing a biodiversity baseline for Cumbria....

More about #CumbriaWildWatch:
Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre
Cumbria Biodiversity Data CentreFriday, May 24th, 2024 at 10:09pm
Join us for a recording event at Bassenthwaite Lake on Saturday 29th June to celebrate #CumbriaWildWatch.

We'll be looking for snails, daisies and so much more!

More information: