Cumbria Wildlife Reports

Recording Groups and County Recorders write annual reports for inclusion in Birds and Wildlife in Cumbria, produced by Cumbria Bird Club.Β  Some reports are too long for inclusion in the publication and so are posted on the CBDC website.

Birds and Wildlife in Cumbria

Wildlife Highlights of 2020

(These were first presented at the CBDC Conference in Feb 2021.)


Coming Soon

  • Amphibian and Reptiles
  • Botany
  • Mammals
We want to support local groups to help meet COP26 Goals. During the Conference, The Lake District Foundation will support up to 20 projects with a grant of up to Β£500 to help tackle the climate crisis we are facing. Applications open 9am 31st Oct 2021
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#KMF2021 We Are Ready!

The sun has come out as the final pieces of the festival jigsaw are put into place.

What an absolutely stunning backdrop. We think this year is going to be an absolute blast.

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At Keswick Mountain Festival this weekend? Help us record the wildlife... visit CBDC website to see how. or Visit us at F05 on Saturday to get involved. @cumbriawildlife @KeswickFestival CumbriaBDC photo
@SocketedAxes @TullieHouse The Tullie Secret Garden has a juvenile or two "stranded" every year. It's parent will visit it and it will be OK. They are very noisy and the call is very poignant so it will tug at your heart strings!