CBDC Recording Days

CBDC organised its first recording days in 2015. Their purpose is to invite local recorders to wildlife sites, SSSIs, etc. that have not been visited for several years in order to update the designation documentation. They also provide opportunities for recorders to share their particular expertise with others and visit private sites that they would otherwise not have access to. Contact our Recording Officer if you want more information.

Recording Dates for your 2018 diary

Tuesday, 26th June

Thursday, 5th July

Saturday, 28th July

Saturday, 25th August

  • 2018

  • Rose Castle Garden – 25th Aug

    The Rose Castle property comprises grassland, tall herbs, woodland, gardens, ditches, stream etc. There might also be opportunity to survey the banks of the River Caldew, which lies close to the south of the site. If you wish to attend please fill in the

    Booking Form

  • 2018

  • Wharton Tarn – 5th July

    Wharton Tarn comprises a range of habitats including standing water in the form of Wharton Tarn which has a relatively wide ecotone; species-rich grassland, rocky outcrops and scrubby woodland.

  • 2018

  • Greenside Farm – 26th June

    Greenside Farm is located 7km east of Brampton, close to the hamlet of Coalfell, off the A689 road, in the foothills of the North Pennines. It is managed as part of a stewardship scheme, but has had little prior survey. Areas are grazed by English longhorn and other cattle, and sheep.

  • 2017

  • Jordan Hills, Thornhill Moss and Meadows, Haybridge Nature Reserve and Thorneythwaite Farm, Borrowdale were visited.  As well as CBDC recorders we were pleased to welcome 14 trainee recorders to our Haybridge day. Still waiting for the final species count.

  • 2016

    rec-day-common-heath-fCommon Heath Moth Ematurga atomaria

  • This summer recorders visited Bolton Fell, Flimby Great Wood, Low church Moss, Silver Tarn, Argill Wood and Augill Pasture.




  • 2015

    rec-day-arabis-hirsutaHairy Rock Cress Arabis hirsuta


  • Hellbeck Woods, SSSI near Brough in June 2015 attracted 34 recorders, our largest number to a single recording event. With their combined skills and knowledge they made 926 records and identified 486 species.

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 at 10:00pm
Very exited to see the Ernest Blezard cases out on display again! https://t.co/jsLHae5c6U
CumbriaBDC photo
Tullie House @TullieHouse
Exciting stuff as the famous Ernest Blezard habitat bird cases are installed for #Tullie125 #exhibition. Here red kite, southern puffins, kestrel chicks, merlins shown. Recreating the fondly remembered bird room atmosphere of older times. https://t.co/0EPsd4Mj3S
Sunday, February 3rd, 2019 at 7:43pm
Best ever farmland bird ringing day - phenomenal 142 Yellowhammers caught inc a 5 year old with c700 Yellowhammers on site! 400 Tree Sparrows present with 31 ringed but 44 retrapped originally ringed as nestlings across the landscape. I think working with the farmers is working! https://t.co/5ZCAghpSBX CumbriaBDC photo
Sunday, February 3rd, 2019 at 7:38pm
We had a great first #Winter #Invertebrate talk last night with Ian Beddison. A fascinating presentation followed by soup, cake & a good natter! This was one of our favourite of Ian's photos, beautiful Ruby-tailed wasps found in County #Durham 😍 @NorthPennAONB @HeritageFundNE https://t.co/1xbUFOHTbO CumbriaBDC photo