If you are already a geocacher, you will find that there are caches at a number of our Local Geological Sites. If not, then why not try it? Log onto www.geocaching.com where you’ll find a short video explaining all about this absorbing activity.

At some sites there is a box to find, at others there are geological questions to answer; the latter are called Earthcaches. Click here for more Earthcache information. You need to sign up - and then get out with your GPS or smartphone with the appropriate app installed - and enjoy searching in the countryside.

You might like to start with the Earthcache at Brown Howe Quarry, close to the shore of Coniston Water where there’s an information board explaining the interesting geology there. See article in Earth Heritage magazine page 26.

Brown Howe Quarry SD 289901
Friday, July 3rd, 2020 at 6:07am
Young mudshrimps Corophium are growing & moulting right now; a friend once described the piles of cast exoskeletons as 'like snow-drifts' along the shore. Not quite such dramatic nos. here but I was thrilled to find them - the long antennae are clearly seen https://t.co/Fmtf33Duf9 CumbriaBDC photo
Thursday, June 25th, 2020 at 5:41am
Two Fabulous Pollinators for Cumbria Recording the Buzz Project. Chrysolina oricalcia (l) & Chrysolina polita (r). Both GB red listed. @CumbriaBDC @TullieHouse @cumbriawildlife @_NFBR @insectweek https://t.co/odpGfan8eW CumbriaBDC photo