Cumbrian Wildlife Atlases

To conserserve and enhance Cumbria’s biodiversity it is critical to make data available and easy to use.

Partners: Cumbria Bird Club, Cumbria Moth Group, Cumbria Mammal Group
Date: 2016 – 2018
Services: Data Management and Analysis, Document Publication

To support local and visiting recorders, CBDC, in collaboration with local recording groups, has produced multiple animal atlases for the county.

CBDC has provided data, mapping, and technical assistance to the production of numerous local wildlife atlases. For example, when producing the Cumbria Bird Atlas, we developed a digital mapping process to automatically generate maps over 1,500 maps, in a style that aligned with British Trust for Ornithology standards. The Cumbria Moth Atlas that we produced used over 250,000 moth records, mapping all 581 macro moth species in Cumbria, almost all of which were recorded by local volunteers – a great credit to the efforts of local moth recorders!

The Atlases we have produced can be found in our Wildlife in Cumbria section.

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Tuesday, May 5th, 2020 at 1:20pm
Really Nice Rust!
CumbriaBDC photo
Bryan Yorke @BryanYorke
Today on Holme Stints (Hutton Roof) and now for a special RUST that affects JUNIPER which is called
"Gymnosporangium clavariiforme"
Friday, May 1st, 2020 at 12:55pm
So we can confirm we have an EGG!!!👏
It was laid yesterday day afternoon when we noticed the female was sitting tight. In the evening the male brought in a fish and the pair changed over! Two more should be laid in the next few days.
CumbriaBDC photo