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Send us Records

Single Record

If you only have one or two sightings to report, please email the details (what you saw, where you saw it, when you saw it, who you are, and any other information) to recordingofficer@cbdc.org.uk.

Multiple Records

If you get the wildlife recording bug, you can report lots of records either online or by sending us a spreadsheet or other electronic file.


iRecord logoOnline Recording

 One of the easiest ways to record your wildlife sightings is using iRecord online software. iRecord is a website run by the Biological Records Centre at CEH Wallingford. It makes it easy to enter records, upload photos, and explore yours and others' data. If you're looking to submit records to us, this is the route we recommend you take. It's easy to use, secure and reliable. Best of all, records entered into the system can be instantly downloaded by us and immediately put to use. This nationally centralised system supersedes RODIS, an online recording tool that can no longer be used in Cumbria, but is still popular in some other counties.


Spreadsheet Recording

CBDC general records spreadsheet template. Download file [Excel]

Tailored recording spreadsheets optimised for recording certain groups:

Bats: Download file [Excel]

Butterflies: Download file [Excel] 

Freshwater Invasive Species: Download file [Excel]

Fungi: Download file [Excel]

Moths: Download file [Excel] [updated February 2017]

National verification guidelines for micromoths: Download file [Excel] Download notes [PDF]


Please don't hesitate to contact the recording officer Gary Hedges recordingofficer@cbdc.org.uk/01228 618717 with your records or for format advice including transferring your records from other systems such as MapMate.



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