Welcome to the Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre


CBDC works closely with the county's bat groups to make as many bat records available as possible. There are more than one bat group as travel across the county is difficult, but you are welcome to join more than one group!

South Cumbria Bat Group

In a typical year members of South Cumbria Bat Group (formerly Westmoorland Bat Group) will:-
- work with Natural England to give advice and information to householders with resident bats
- arrange summer evening bat walks and talks in south Cumbria
- carry out surveys and monitoring work to help determine the health of our Cumbrian bat populations
- research underground hibernation sites
- support the National Bat Monitoring Programme by undertaking several of their surveys at various locations around our area
- organise displays and educational events for children and adults
- make, erect and check bat boxes
- hold two planning meetings in spring and autumn where we decide what events members would like to participate in and how to organise them
- issue two newsletters a year covering our events and other items of note about our bats locally and nationally
- maintain a database of bat records and undertake data searches on request

The group's website is currently unavailable but there is a SCBG Facebook Group.

For all bat group enquiries including data searches* and how to get involved please contact Gil Cleeve (Group Secretary).

*Note - CBDC and SCBG do share data but are still working on transferring all records so extra records may be available from the Group.

Cumberland Bat Group

The Cumberland Bat Group covers the north of Cumbria and is actively involved in a diverse range of projects. The group encourages member involvement and ideas for better protecting our local bat species and educating the community on bat conservation status and taking active steps to ensure the presence of Cumbria’s bat populations.

All records are held by CBDC and can be accessed via our data enquiry service.

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