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What is a BioBlitz?

A BioBlitz brings together recorders and the public with the challenge of recording as many species as possible at a site in 24 hours, or a shorter period for a mini-BioBlitz. They are great fun, a chance to get together with other like-minded people and learn about the challenges of finding, identifying and recording different wildlife. Importantly everyone is welcome. Complete beginners who have never done any recording can join events such as guided walks, moth trapping and family friendly activities, and perhaps have their first go at recording with experts at hand to help with identification. If you are slightly more experienced you can come and record on your own or with fellow recorders, and, if you wish to, share you knowledge with others by helping people identify their finds or by leading activities.

2015 CBDC BioBlitz

 This year CBDC is not holding a public BioBlitz (although we are supporting two, see below). Instead this summer CBDC are inviting wildlife recorders to join dedicated recording days to increase and refresh the data for all taxa groups at interesting, under-recorded sites on private land. The four recording days will be held at near Brough on 27th June (SSSI - ash-elm wood on limestone); near Wigton on 4th July(Ancient Woodland – mixed woodland); in the Duddon Valley on 1st August (SSSI - mixed woodland, acid grassland, mire and flushes); and near Braithwaite on 5th September (SSSI - marshy grassland, rushy pasture and scrub).  If you are interested to join any or all of the recording days, you must register in advance as volunteers for insurance purposes and full meeting details by contacting Gary Hedges on 01228 619717 or emailing recordingofficer@cbdc.org.uk.

Other Cumbrian BioBlitzes

We list our bioblitzes and Bioblitzes organised by other organisations together with other recording events in our Cumbria recording event calendar. In 2015 this includes bioblitzes organised by Solway Wetlands Landscape Partnership in north Cumbria (29th - 30th May RSPB Campfield Marsh) and the National Trust in south-west Cumbria (5th - 6th June Sandscale Haws). At the National Trust BioBlitz, the main recording emphasis will be on Friday 5th June with more family orientated activities planned for Saturday 6th June. Download the Friday programme here and the Saturday programme here. CBDC staff will be at these events to help you with any recording questions you may have.

Click here to read reports of previous CBDC BioBlitzes, including highlights from the days and lists of species seen. At CBDC BioBlitzes we provide recording resources for the events, contacting recorders to ask them to volunteer their time to survey and/or talk to the public, and on the day we'll be there telling all about CBDC, why recording is important, how anyone can contribute records and of course collating everyone’s records as they come in.

If you are holding a BioBlitz or other recording event in Cumbria, please let us know if you’d like it to appear on our website and we would really appreciate you sending in the records after your event to us to help improve knowledge of Cumbria’s wildlife.