Welcome to the Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre

In Search of Nature: Introduction to Recording

To celebrate the launch of Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre, in 2011 Tullie House Museum held an exhibition introducing recording in Cumbria. With the kind permission of the Curator of Natural Sciences, a summary of the exhibition can be found in these pages.

The long tradition of amateur naturalists in Britain means that British wildlife is the best recorded in the world.

Recorders use a multitude of methods - from binoculars and notepad to net and microscope, digital cameras and even molecular analysis - to gather a vast amount of information on the distribution and ecology of the wildlife of our county.  

It is only through the wildlife records provided by amateur and professional naturalists that Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre is able to provide information to conservationists and planners to enable them protect the rich wildlife heritage of Cumbria.