Welcome to the Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre






There are many informal and formal local groups, societies and branches of national societies that can help you to learn more about the fascinating wildlife we share our county with, and how to identify and record it - whether your passion is for mosses or moths. CBDC aims to work alongside and support all such groups and vice-county recorders of the national schemes and societies.

Many of these groups sit under Cumbria Naturalists Union which is an umbrella organisation that publishes the annual county natural history report, Birds and Wildlife in Cumbria. Copies are available from the Tullie House shop or from Cumbria Bird Club. CBDC provides records to the report writers for each group.

Local contacts and information on where to send your records is given for different taxonomic groups in the menu to the left (more coming soon). You are always welcome to send records of any and all species to us directly if it is easiest for you; if you send them to us and also elsewhere, please let us know so we can try and keep track of duplicates.

Custodianship of Records

The original recorder always retains ownership/copyright of their own biological records, and can ask anyone to remove them from their databases at anytime. But as a recorder where you send your records in the first instance determines who is the custodian of that record.

When you send records to CBDC directly, you are giving us custodianship, i.e. permission to make decisions on who to share that data with, what resolution to put it onto on the NBN Gateway etc. We can formalise this arrangement in a data exchange agreement if you wish; please contact the CBDC recording officer to discuss.

However, the county's groups and societies play an essential role and have expertise that CBDC can in no way replace. If you wish your local society to be the custodian of your records, but it is more convenient for you and your local society recorder to input them into the CBDC Rodis online recording facility, then just let the CBDC recording officer know you want your Rodis records to be treated this way and we will mark them in the database as coming via the society concerned, and ensure the society recorder can access them immediately for society reports etc.