Recorders’ Conference

Established in 2011 the Recorders Conference has become an Annual Event welcoming speakers and recorders from Cumbria and beyond. We aim for a range of speakers and posters on a wide variety of topics – focused on a particular species, group or habitat; results of recording and monitoring projects; and ideas, techniques and resources to help you get involved. The conference offers a chance to meet others interested in exploring nature, share discoveries and learn more about the species which make their home in Lakeland.



This year recorders watched the first camera footage of a Pine Marten in Cumbria and learned more about their hitch hiking behavior from Kevin O’Hara Project Officer Vincent Wildlife Trust.  Delegates also heard about:

  • Rural and wildlife crime
  • Moth recording without a trap
  • Slow-worm Project Update
  • Recording Geological Sites
  • LOST – Looking out for Small Things

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Recorders joined our Annual Conference to hear talks that included:
National Biodiversity Network Changes and the impact on the future of CBDC
Slow worms
House mouse project
Stories from the Wildlife Register
CBDC Recording Day highlights



89 recorders joined our Annual conference to hear about:
Hydroscape – a study of British Freshwaters – Dr Alan Law
UK Dung Beetle Mapping Project – Ceri Watkins
Local recording updates included:
• Cumbria Fungi Group – Paul Nichol
• Swifts in the Community – Bryan Yorke
• Bats in Trees – Rich Flight
• Mapping Cumbria’s Dragonflies – David Clarke
• Netted Carpet Moth –John Hooson
• Ecosystem Canaries – Peter Woodhead
• Trail Cameras and Recording Technology – John Martin


Topics included:

• Launch of the Cumbria Bird Atlas – Stephen Westerberg, Cumbria Bird Club
• Movements of Wintering Gees and Swans on the Solway – Frank Mawby
• Finding and Monitoring Dormice in Cumbria – Tony Marshall
Lost and Found Fungi Project – Brian Douglas, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew
• Alien vs Predator – the Harlequin ladybird in Britain, Richard Comont
Cumbria Geoconservation Group and the Local Geological Sites


Presentations included:

• What would Darwin Tweet? – Richard Burkmar
• Polecats and Pine Martins – Elizabeth Croose, Vincent Wildlife Trust
• CBDC Habitat Connectivity Projects – Moustafa Eweda
• Recording Cumbria’s bats – Rich Flight
• Lichens of Cumbria – Allan Pentecost
• What’s at Witherslack – Jim Thomas

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019 at 6:34pm
CBD getting ready to support 11 year old Orin's, Bioblitz at #NationalTrust Footprint building nr. Windermere #LakeDistrict. 4pm Saturday 13th - 4pm Sunday 14th. Lots of walks, talks and expert naturalists to learn from! Hope to see you there. @TullieHouse
Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019 at 1:04am
Whilst we are promoting biological recording and Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre locally Tom from @_ALERC_is busy doing likewise at the House of Commons.
Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019 at 1:00am
@ALERC_NC @BiodiversityPs @_BCT_ Thank you for promoting LERCs nationally hopefully it will result in increased recognition locally. 😃🦋🐛🐝🐜🦀🦠🐞🐋🦇🦆🐾🌿🌳🐚🍄🦊
Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 at 6:14pm
Interesting article - the only record of the Cerambyx Cerdo in Cumbria was caught and put into the collection @TullieHouse in 1900 by FH Day. CBDC are interested to receive Grass snake records - most records are in the South Cumbria.