Welcome to the Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre

Access to data via the NBN Gateway

CBDC shares publically viewable data on the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Gateway at 10km square resolution so that everyone can see broad species distributions in Cumbria, except for datasets where we do not have permission to do so from the copyright holders. 

These distribution records may be used by:

-       naturalists interested in species distributions and occurrences;

-       those in education and undergraduates for projects;

-       postgraduates, although we do ask that you contact us if you think you require more detailed information and that use of CBDC datasets is acknowledged in theses;

-       site managers for broad information on species distributions in the vicinity of their site.

Please contact us before using our datasets in any publication or journal articles.

We do not give permission for CBDC or Tullie House Museum Collections data on the NBN Gateway to be used commercially, by consultants or within the planning process: please use our data enquiry service. Site managers and professional researchers who require full information on records for their sites or species of interest should also use our data enquiry service. 

We will only routinely give better resolution to our datasets or subsets thereof via the NBN Gateway to the following:

-       Funding partner organisations of CBDC

-       National taxonomic schemes and societies

-       Cumbrian County Recorders

 Most other users should utilise our data enquiry service for access to data for their needs. Please see our data request pages and charging policy. We rarely grant full resolution access to other applications for increased access received via the NBN Gateway's apply for better access facility.

Why should I contact CBDC directly for data?

 The data uploaded to the NBN Gateway is only a subset of the data we hold, both because not all biological records we hold are included, and because data such as record type, determination and observation comments and other record attributes are not included. Please see our metadata on the NBN Gateway for more information. Therefore for full information we encourage people to contact us using our data enquiry service. 

At this time CBDC does not have the resources to consider and respond to the quantity of individual educational and personal use requests for better access received via the NBN Gateway. We consider that access to the 10km distribution data should be sufficient for most purposes of this type, but those working on detailed projects in Cumbria are encouraged to use our data enquiry service which will normally be without charge for this type of use.

Tullie House Museum Collections

Records relating to specimens in the Tullie House Museum Collections are managed by CBDC although they are uploaded separately to the Gateway. The above policy also holds for these records. Access to data outside Cumbria is encouraged to be via the relevant Local Records Centre. 

Research visits related to specimens are encouraged; please contact the Curator of Natural Sciences via nature@tulliehouse.co.uk or 01228 618736 to arrange or if you would like to know more about the specimen related to a record.