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Data Search Charges

Our standard charges for data searches are set out in our charges sheet. Charges are regularly reviewed to reflect current costs. There are occasionally cases where charges may vary for a specific data search, due to the parameters of the particular site in question and the information requested. Final charges will be set by CBDC on receipt of a completed data request form. We reserve the right to charge for any given enquiry, but will contact you before commencement of work if the charges vary from those detailed in the charges sheet (or in any case if you have requested a quotation).

CBDC Charges Sheet

Current Version March 2014   Download file [PDF]

These charges are applicable from 1st April 2014.

Charging Policy

The charge CBDC makes for enquiries is for the time it takes to administer the enquiry and extract, report and supply data to the enquirer, plus a contribution the costs of acquiring and managing data, including promoting biological recording and supporting the Cumbrian voluntary recording community, without whom there would be no data.

Please read the Terms and Conditions on the request form and note that data is supplied for the purpose specified and for up to 12 months use.

Free Information Service

Recording Groups

Searches on behalf of voluntary species recording groups and individual recorders who have a data exchange agreement with us or are actively contributing data are free of charge for non-commercial purposes. Data processing, manipulation and interrogation facilities are available to local recording groups and individuals, under the provision of our technical support for Cumbrian recorders.

Personal Use and Community Groups

Enquiries received from the general public are normally redirected to the provision of free information we make on the internet, notably our parish lists service and species maps. If this is not adequate, these are normally free of charge for the first hour of work. It should be noted that no enquiry data received under this exemption, and/or accessed on the internet, should be used for commercial purposes, including planning applications and agri-environment schemes.


Partners who have an agreement with us are entitled to free data requests as detailed in the agreement. This also usually applies to their contractors, but details must be given on the Data Request Form and authorisation sent to CBDC by the partner.

Education and Research

Requests by schools, college students, undergraduate and postgraduate researchers are free of charge unless very time-consuming to process. Professional research requests are usually chargeable, although we may authorise access to data via the NBN Gateway without charge in certain circumstances.

Conservation and Land Management

These enquries are usually chargeable. However, to support local biodiversity conservation we give each conservation charity with nature reserves/land in Cumbria who is actively contributing records to CBDC up to three free standard single site data requests per organisation per annum.


Our purpose is to make data collected about the natural environment used as widely as possible and we reserve the right to exercise discretion in reducing or waiving charges where there is good cause. Please fill in a form and add your circumstances to the comments section, or contact us to discuss your situation.