Welcome to the Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre

Validation and Verification

We do all we can to validate and verify species records, although we cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of the data provided.

Validation refers to putting the record into a standard format with Ordnance Survey grid reference, location or site name, recorder and determiner name and species scientific name using a recognised name in the NBN Species Inventory.

Verification refers to checking the identification of the species record. Verification is undertaken by local referees or county recorders (listed below) on an annual basis and is supplemented by national experts reviewing CBDC datasets on a more ad hoc basic. CBDC staff also undertake basic checks when records are first added to the CBDC database and for taxa groups without local expertise. In a few records verification will involve asking for evidence such as photographs or specimens, particularly when a species has not been recorded previously in the county or vice-county. For most records verifiers will merely accept the record is plausible based on what is known about the species' range, life history, habitat preferences, ease of identification and the recorder's experience. Please do not be offended if you are asked for futher evidence of a record, it is an important part of biological recording.

CBDC Verifiers (CNU Referees)

CBDC is most grateful to the following individuals for all their hard work in verifying records:

Flora: Mike Porter

Fungi: Paul Nichol

Lichens: David Clarke

Mosses and Liverworts: Diane Dobson

Spiders: Dave Blackledge

Bees: Nick Franklin

Dragonflies and Damselflies: David Clarke

Moths: Liz Still

Buttterflies: Steve Doyle

Flies, true bugs and grasshoppers and crickets: Stephen Hewitt

Beetles: John Read

Other insects: Stephen Hewitt

Mammals including bats: John Martin

Amphibians and Reptiles: Tony Marshall

Birds: Cumbria Bird Club Recorders

Many other people from within Cumbria and further afield also periodically assist with record verification or supply ready verified records as vice-county recorders, thank you to all.