Welcome to the Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre


From time to time, CBDC will be publishing short reports from the local recording community on various topics related to biodiversity and recording in Cumbria. Through these, CBDC aim to further increase the biodiversity information available for Cumbria and promote the work of it's dedicated recording community. If you wish to contribute a document to be considered for publication on the CBDC website, please contact Recording Officer, Gary Hedges (recordingofficer@cbdc.org.uk).


No.1 Inventory of Urban Gull Colonies in Cumbria

Abstract: The past fifty or so years have seen a dramatic increase in the numbers of Lesser Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gulls breeding in urban areas in Cumbria. Great Black-backed Gulls have also taken to breeding in built-up areas but in much smaller numbers. To the end of the 2015 breeding season a total of 45 urban gull colonies had been identified in the county. This short report provides an inventory of these colonies, together with an indication of their current size, nesting habitat, and, where known, their date of formation.

Current Issue 1 - January 2016 Download file [PDF 1.1mb]


No.2 Pug Moths of Lancashire and Cumbria  

Abstract: Brian Hancock provides an extremely useful guide to the locally resident species of a group of moths that can provide some identification challenges to recorders; the pug moths. With the helpful aid of annotated images, maps and graphs, each of the 42 species is given an individual account detailing identification, distribution, status, flight period and foodplants. There are also tips on how and where a recorder might find the more uncommon species and references to some of the most sigificant records.

Current Issue 1 - 2016 Download file [PDF 7.7mb]