For species data the original recorder always retains ownership/copyright of their own biological records and can ask anyone to remove them from their databases at any time. Usually the custodian is the person/organisation who first receives the record from the recorder.

Many local recording groups, conservation organisations and national schemes have their own datasets and wish to retain the ownership of their records and make them public. In these instances CBDC and the data owners enter into a Data Exchange Agreement that sets out how the information can be shared and used.

Please contact us if you have a further enquiry about record and data ownership.

Sharing Data

CBDC is the custodian of much of the data it holds and makes it public on the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Gateway at a minimum 10km square resolution so that everyone can see broad species distributions in Cumbria.

In general these species records may be used by:
• naturalists interested in species distributions and occurrences;
• those in education and undergraduates for projects;
• site managers for broad information on species distributions in the vicinity of their site.

Please contact us if you intend to use the information in a report or journal.

CBDC does not give permission for any data it shares with the NBN Gateway to be used for any commercial purpose. Contact CBDC through our Data Enquiry Service if you are a:
• Consultant, ecologist or local authority staff member working within the planning process
• Site manager requiring more detailed site information.
• Post graduate or professional researcher.

CBDC partners, national and local recording schemes and county recorders can be given full access to the data. If you require this service contact CBDC directly or request the service via the NBN Gateway.

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019 at 6:34pm
CBD getting ready to support 11 year old Orin's, Bioblitz at #NationalTrust Footprint building nr. Windermere #LakeDistrict. 4pm Saturday 13th - 4pm Sunday 14th. Lots of walks, talks and expert naturalists to learn from! Hope to see you there. @TullieHouse
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Whilst we are promoting biological recording and Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre locally Tom from @_ALERC_is busy doing likewise at the House of Commons. https://t.co/FhGZ8gV2jN
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@ALERC_NC @BiodiversityPs @_BCT_ Thank you for promoting LERCs nationally hopefully it will result in increased recognition locally. 😃🦋🐛🐝🐜🦀🦠🐞🐋🦇🦆🐾🌿🌳🐚🍄🦊
Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 at 6:14pm
Interesting article - the only record of the Cerambyx Cerdo in Cumbria was caught and put into the collection @TullieHouse in 1900 by FH Day. CBDC are interested to receive Grass snake records - most records are in the South Cumbria. https://t.co/WSGE814iX1