Welcome to the Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre


Bringing together and making available information on Cumbria’s natural history, wildlife sites and habitats for education, research and decision making. That's our Mission.

We are developing our services and products to further our purpose in making data collected about the natural environment used as widely as possible. For research and education purposes only, everyone can access the county species database we maintain (except for a few taxonomic groups) via the NBN Gateway. Public access is set to hectad i.e. 10km square resolution, but local recorders and our Partners can request to see records at a finer level.

Our data enquiry service caters for ecological desk studies for species, designated biodiversity and geodiversity site and habitat information. For our partners we offer GIS layers as part of the Cumbria Biodiversity Evidence Base. We welcome feedback on our current products and your thoughts on what developments would help you use the information more easily.

You are welcome to contact us to discuss more bespoke services. Our spatial data management and analysis expertise is available for partnership projects with Cumbrian organisations that involve species or habitat recording.

We also do a great deal of work with local recorders and wildlife recording groups and societies without charge, as part of our core purpose of supporting Cumbrian biological recording. These services include producing high quality maps and graphs for papers and local atlases, advice on how to manage your records online or in a database, sharing information about national recording and monitoring initiatives, and organising the annual Cumbrian Wildlife Recorders' Conference. If you would like us to come and talk to your group or society about wildlife recording, or be involved in an event then please get in touch.


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