Meet the Team

Deb headshotDeborah Muscat, Centre Manager
01228 618732

Deb joined the CBDC in January 2016. She brings with her a wide experience of working in the charitable sector which includes advising and training Trustees as well as managing her own teams of staff and volunteers. Deb has been a successful fundraiser as well as a grant maker. After the floods of 2009 Deb was awarded Cumbria Woman of the Year 2010 recognising her ability to manage complex projects and work with people at all levels to improve the lives of Cumbrian communities.

Deb has a life long commitment to environmental conservation and gained a MSc in Biological Recording in 2010.

moustafa_photoDr El-Moustafa Eweda, Data Officer
01228 618770

Moustafa joined CBDC in 2011; his job covers a wide range of activities in managing and analysing data. His top priorities are to organise and map spatial data using GIS tools, provide data to our partners and to undertake data searches for our commercial biodiversity enquiry service. He is also responsible for keeping CBDC up to date with the latest software and providing technical support and developing multimedia presentations for events and exhibitions. He works with the Biological Recording Officer in managing CBDC’s biological datasets and maintaining appropriate data quality standards.

Moustafa’s background includes experience in database management, environmental monitoring, Impact Assessment (IA) and environmental audit. His academic qualifications in science and environmental planning offered him an opportunity to work with different research approaches using a variety of techniques for analysing data and presenting results. In addition to his experience in using GIS tools, Moustafa has a particular passion for animation and dynamic content implementation using Adobe software programmes.

Before joining CBDC, at the Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre (TVERC), Moustafa worked on a number of project works using GIS techniques and data from habitat inventories, aerial photography and old maps to identify those features and areas of natural environment that are most at risk from the effects of climate change and mapping where sustainable woodland management could have the greatest benefit for biodiversity. At CBDC Moustafa has led on technical GIS projects including mapping habitat connectivity in the Bassenthwaite-Ullswater catchment, analysing habitats for pollinators to develop B lines for the Northwest in the Coast to Coast B Roads project, and ongoing mapping for the Cumbria Bird Club using Cumbrian tetrad survey data.

Recording Officer
01228 618717

Gary Hedges left CBDC in March 2017 to work as a Regional Entomologist at Liverpool

Sarah Nicholson has taken up a temporary Internship covering this role until August.
Sarah is currently studying Ecology at York University and has volunteered for CBDC previously.

CBDC will be advertising for this post soon.

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